Latest updates:

2016-Feb-10: TR-069 v3.1.2.1 released - bug fix - Issue with SetParameterAttribute (used only in Test framework).
2015-Aug-17: Updated WS module, removed an annoying file reference to D:\workspace.... etc. Thanks to Patrick Fox!
2015-Jun-29: Installation script bug fix - Script could fail if certain password string were chosen.
2015-Jan-29: TR-069 v3.1.2 released - bug fix - TransferCompleteResponse did not echo the CWMP:ID from the CPE.
2015-Jan-25: TR-069 v3.1.1 released - the construction of the Config Download URL appends the filename at the end
2015-Jan-25: TR-069 v3.1.0 released - added authentication to download File/Scripts - previous versions of FreeACS had unprotected File download. To enable this - check out!
2015-Jan-19: TR-069 v3.0.46 released - added a quirk to handle NextLevel=0 in GetParameterNames - a Huawei router did not support 'false'
2015-Jan-19: Syslog v1.4.32 released - bug fix related to year in timestamps in syslog-entries from freeacs-modules - the year was incorrect!
2014-Dec-19: A severe bug was fixed, relating to groups/jobs. SPP/TR069/Syslog modules are affected and should be updated
2014-Dec-19: SSL-documentation in Installation.doc has been updated, and also the README on startssl
2014-Nov-27: Added an how-to on SSL-certificate to - check out download/startssl
2014-Nov-27: FAQ and installation document is updated with JSESSIONID cookie issue
2014-Nov-25: FAQ is updated
2014-Nov-23: Core v1.5.44 released - bug fix on unit context changes (Shell is used within Core)
2014-Nov-23: Shell v2.3.41 released - bug fix on unit context changes
2014-Nov-14: TR-069 v3.0.44 released - bug fix on SHELL JOB
2014-Nov-14: Core v1.5.43 released - made Basic reporting default
2014-Nov-11: Fixed a bug in the installation script which removed all groups from your installation user
2014-Nov-08: Web v2.2.57 released - branding of FreeACS improved
2014-Oct-27: Web v2.2.56 released - customization of dashboard improved
2014-Sep-23: Web v2.2.55 released - customization of dashboard added
2014-Sep-23: Web v2.2.54 released - certificates stuff removed
2014-Sep-20: Improved install script, now handles upgrades to FreeACS. Run to retrieve new releases. Handles config changes gracefully (a diff file will be made).
2014-Sep-19: Two developers have made patches to FreeACS - this is very welcome:)
2014-Sep-19: Web v2.2.53 released - Unit configuration/dashboard improved
2014-Sep-16: Web-module had a cleanup, removed VoIP wizard menu entry.
2014-Sep-02: Monitor v1.3.9 released - supports configurable monitor URL for each module
2014-Aug-20: Updated doc on the shell project
2014-Aug-19: The fix from July 11 was not entirely correct:( But now! it should be fixed. Please download newest tr069.war.
2014-Aug-05: Updated TR-069 documentation, more about firmware/file upgrade and STUN
2014-Jul-11: fixed a major bug in TR-069 server! Please update to latest!
2014-Jul-11: updated TR-069 Test Client, seems to work with FreeACS
2014-Jul-09: introduced install script to drastically reduce install time
2014-Jul-03: added a forum
2014-Jun-19: fixed errors in installation.pdf and improved some sections (thanks to Keith Laaks)
2014-Jun-17: updated FAQ section - added a new question, fixed some wrong urls
2014-Jun-17: fixed errors in installation.pdf (some urls were wrong)
2014-Apr-07: monitor-module bugfix regarding urlbase, also fixed step 4.3 in installation doc
2014-Apr-04: common-module updated in GitHub, now allows backup-directory to be specified
2014-Apr-01: Bugfix on unit_param_session.sql (installation-script)
2014-Feb-20: updated Fusion installation.doc - small changes
2014-Feb-20: updated FAQ section - new questions
2014-Feb-20: added Web Service Test Client to GitHub